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Customer Engagement

Channel Doctors was setup by Steve Sullivan in 2015, drawing on his and his associates’ 20 years experience of helping organisations to improve their customer experience and deliver true omni-channel customer engagement

Ensuring a consistent, brand-aligned, joined-up customer experience across your communication channels is vital.

Channel doctors will give you practical, value-focused guidance to optimise the experience you deliver to acquire, develop, service and retain customers:

  • by phone, email, web or face to face
  • through self-service or social and collaborative platforms, or
  • via your partners’ channels

Here’s how we can help:

We use experience and insights gleaned from different sectors and situations, but in a way that makes sense for you. We’ll listen and learn from both your people and customers, tell you how it is – and how to make it better

  • Simplifying and clarifying how you engage with customers
  • Aligning customers’ experience to your business goals
  • Prioritising investments in people, process and technology

However you plan to engage with prospects and customers, you need to do so compliantly. Do you need down to earth, pragmatic guidance through the spaghetti soup of regulatory bodies?

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  • Replacing confusion with clarity
  • Matching delivery to strategy
  • Optimising contact centre service
  • Developing omni-channel capabilities
  • Getting closer to your customers – before your competitors do!

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