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…And then what happened?

Remember the GDPR? Over 2 years on, we’ve done a quick bit of research into the Information Commissioner’s Office‘s sanctions and fines for sales and marketing. This has identified that in the ‘customer world’ it’s all about the old Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) rules. Learn about PECR and how it impacts your customer communications in this infographic:

June’s monthly compliance newsletter

Forget the GDPR, worry about PECR! What you really need to get right to avoid fines

This month’s headlines:

Our research shows that 2 years on, it wasn’t the GDPR we should have been worried about, but PECR!

Lloyds fined £64m by the FCA for not managing mortgage collections processes properly and fairly

The Competition & Markets Authority tries to head off (another) digital advertising near-monopoly

Ofcom advises consumers to avoid the Test & Trace scammers (who may be up & running before the government is) – and gives Vodafone some good news

Energy suppliers can re-start debt collecting after a Covid pause – but to be nice, say Ofgem

£1m fine for rip-off customer service number ‘look up’ sites

Still not sure what you need to have in place for home-working? Here’s an article we wrote for the CCMA that should help

Download it here:

‘Gig CX’ – customer service saviour or threat?

20%-25% of customer service may be handled by ‘gig economy’ workers by 2025, according to Ember Group & Limitless Technology’s ‘The 2020 Gig Customer Service’ report.

There’s no doubt that ‘gig CX’ is attracting a lot of attention (like home-working used to until one day in early April when most people woke up to find out that they were doing it!)

The Report makes for interesting reading. It shows that ‘gig CX’ is being used by mainstream brands like National Express, Sage & Unilever. And it also describes the range of activities that ‘gig CX’ encompasses, from brand enthusiast crowd-sourced communities to far more transactional home-based, paid-by-the-query models.

The potential impact of the former can be massive. I’m a GiffGaff customer and customer service is almost wholly delivered by mobile telephony obsessives, happily and for for free. A win-win-win for customers, community members and brands.

However, the home based transactional model has potential reputational dangers for brands. ‘Gig working’ might mean freedom and flexibility to some, but is redolent of exploitation and financial insecurity to others.
There is a great onus on employing brands and service providers to be confident they are recruiting the empowered and not the insecure.

The rise of the subscription economy goes on & on

The subscription (or membership) economy continues to thrive through #Covid19, according to research from Zuora in this report.

Although there is – unsurprisingly – contraction in subscription volumes in some sectors such as travel, 85% of subscription bases continue to grow. 20% of them at a quicker rate than pre-Covid (and that growth can’t all be down to Netflix and Zoom).

This shows that the shift to a rent-not-own consumption model is resilient, but as the report explains that is increasingly reliant on flexible, responsive pricing and service models.
The subscription economy is dependent on genuine, data-driven #customerengagement

May’s monthly compliance newsletter

Tweets, Leaks, Tetris & Fines… who said compliance is boring? Read On!

This month’s headlines:

How failing to respect Covid-19 social distancing rules can cost you your reputation and maybe your business

EasyJet faces £18bn bill for data breach (claim giddy ‘no win, no fee lawyers)

eCommerce firms cut more slack as Strong Customer Authentication payment rules are delayed (again)

Big drop in nuisance calls, says Ofcom research

Vodafone generate twice the broadband industry average level of customer complaints, EE & Sky less than half

Lord Sugar’s cheeky advertising tweet turns sour

Travel and flight refund disputes drive surge in consumers’ C19 complaints

CMA blocks merger to ensure creps* price competition 

Scam tech support firm fined £500,000 for illegally calling consumers

*me neither, but I looked it up

Download it here:

HSBC’s NPS Nonsense

The thing is, HSBC, that even in these trying times I haven’t yet sunk to recommending banks’ chat services to my friends and family. Has anyone ever done that?
Surely this isn’t what Fred Reichheld & Satmetrix had in mind?

Omnichannel outperforms pure-play ecommerce x4

Omnichannel retailers are outperforming their ‘pure play’ eCommerce rivals fourfold in online sales growth.
AscensosWilliam Carson highlighted this is an article for The Retail Bulletin drawing on IMRG research into April’s UK online sales figures.
William’s article (https://lnkd.in/dqFNNX4) explores just why this might be, but it points to the vital contributions experience and relationship make to driving online revenues.

Homeworking – 43% unhappy & distressed says research

Worrying research from Moneypenny shows that 43% of people newly working from home due to Covid-19 are exhibiting unhappiness and stress:
“…37% claiming they are starting to feel the strain and a further 6% already struggling”
Again, this shows that the #technology challenge has been met, but people and process need urgent attention


C19, Homeworking & Compliance

Here’s an article we’ve written for the Call Centre Management Association looking at contact centre homeworking, in which we take a whistle-stop tour what to focus on in fraud, card payments, data protection, health & safety, commercial insurance, marketing, outsourcing and staff well-being

#CX Vlogging – Profiling & Segmentation

We had a great chat with Jericho Consulting‘s Ian Williams the other day recording the latest VXClub vlog

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