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+ 10,000%

Online ticketing firm TicketSource has experienced a staggering 10,000% increase in contacts from customers in the last week.

As a result of Coronavirus and large-scale closures of venues, TicketSource’s daily support requests backlog has grown from the usual 0 to 20 to 2,300+ by the end of Wednesday.

TicketSource’s founder, Simon Wilsher, shared these sobering figures in an email to customers yesterday. It deftly described his team’s situation (they are in the middle of a rapid switch to home working), his commitment to meeting the challenge and a plea for customers to be patient and not generate futile repeat contacts.

Over the next few months lots of organisations will experience a combination of increased contacts; changed customer behaviours (channels and timings); stretched & depleted resources. These are obviously massive operational challenges which need to be met by the frontline team(s), supported by the whole organisation.

But we can help, too. With over 20 years’ experience working with leading brands to improve their customer engagement, we can remotely and rapidly work with you to clear backlogs and shift demand, with improved customer resolution and a better employee experience.

Get in touch! hello@channeldoctors.co.uk

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