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Culture’s still eating strategy for breakfast

It’s 20 years since Peter Drucker famously said (or maybe didn’t say – you’re welcome to explore that particular Google wormhole yourself!) “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. And it seems that it’s still true.
McKinsey & Company‘s recent ‘The human touch at the center of customer-experience excellence‘ paper is devoted to explaining the importance of human- and employee-focused measures to underpin and empower customer experience excellence. In the realm of person-to-person interaction we never lose sight of the fact that brands are reliant on their frontline people to deliver the right experience. McKinsey’s findings bring the importance of great culture to life – especially when you are embarking on a transformation journey.
They have found that “Organizations that tackle the people-related activities to reinforce culture properly increase their odds of a successful transformation by between 30 and 79 percent.”

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