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Customer Experience – Memorable or Frictionless?

What should you try to achieve with your customer experience? Should it be frictionless or memorable?

For most organisations having the chance to achieve either would be a fine thing, but if you’re on a journey it’s always best to have a destination in mind.
A recent Harvard Business Review article manages the deft trick of describing what we might dismiss as the blindingly obvious, but as I’ve never seen it laid out before, strikes me as actually quite enlightening.
Very simply put, the article finds that if you’re a mass-market, high transaction brand you should aspire to a frictionless experience, but if you are more of a niche player then memorable experiences should be your aim.
Whether there’s any causation between market share and style of #CX, or it’s the customer experience that influences growth is a different question, of course…
Here’s a link to the HBR article, which was written by Luke Williams, Alex Buoye, Timothy Keiningham, Ph.D. & Lerzan Aksoy.

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