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April’s Monthly Compliance Newsletter

Make your ‘New Normal’ a compliant one

This month’s headlines:

The ICO again promises ‘regulation lite’ as we cope with Covid-19 and highlights the cyber security dangers of homeworking 

Telemarketing firm fined £171,000 for misleading consumers and making 240,000 calls to TPS numbers

Morrisons ruled not liable for rogue employee’s data breach – avoiding a £55m compensation claim

Ofgem eases some requirements on energy suppliers, but demands continued multi-channel access for customers

ASA comes down hard on firms marketing vitamin C drips as a coronavirus cure 

Scam text competition service fined £250,000 

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Contact centres during Covid-19 – Snapshot survey results

At the end of March we issued a brief, anonymous survey for contact centre leaders to share how they were coping with the inset of coronavirus. Their responses to questions about:

  • Demand levels
  • The shift to homeworking
  • Employment – furloughs, redundancies and recruitment
  • Staff absence

were fascinating – and supplemented by some great first-hand observations and stories from the customer contact ‘front-line’

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March’s Monthly Compliance Newsletter

It’s not all Covid doom and gloom…

This month’s headlines:

The ICO says it will go easy as firms struggle to cope with COVID-19 – but fraud risks multiply with the rush to home-working
· £500,000 fine for Scots firm responsible for 193 million unconsented robo-calls
· How secure is access to your marketing database? Don’t do a Virgin Media
· Field marketing agency’s directors jailed for dodging HMRC
· CMA takes care homes to court, highlights blinds and gears up to take on Google, Facebook & Amazon

·         Missguided fails the ASA‘s objectification test (either accidentally or on purpose). Can you pass?

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+ 10,000%

Online ticketing firm TicketSource has experienced a staggering 10,000% increase in contacts from customers in the last week.

As a result of Coronavirus and large-scale closures of venues, TicketSource’s daily support requests backlog has grown from the usual 0 to 20 to 2,300+ by the end of Wednesday.

TicketSource’s founder, Simon Wilsher, shared these sobering figures in an email to customers yesterday. It deftly described his team’s situation (they are in the middle of a rapid switch to home working), his commitment to meeting the challenge and a plea for customers to be patient and not generate futile repeat contacts.

Over the next few months lots of organisations will experience a combination of increased contacts; changed customer behaviours (channels and timings); stretched & depleted resources. These are obviously massive operational challenges which need to be met by the frontline team(s), supported by the whole organisation.

But we can help, too. With over 20 years’ experience working with leading brands to improve their customer engagement, we can remotely and rapidly work with you to clear backlogs and shift demand, with improved customer resolution and a better employee experience.

Get in touch! hello@channeldoctors.co.uk

Contact Centres: What’s coming your way from the ICO

The draft code. The finalised version is expected by the end of 2020https://ico.org.uk/media/2616882/direct-marketing-code-draft-guidance.pdf

Hve you heard about the Information Commissioner’s Office‘s draft Direct Marketing Code? You really should if you’re dealing with customers.

Here’s brief summary that we wrote with Rachel Goddard for the Data & Marketing Association‘s Contact Centres Council Regulation Hub

38% of SMEs are wrong

38% of SME business think that the GDPR and UK Data Protection Act don’t apply to their customer data. They’re wrong.

This finding came from the DMA UK & Xynicsdresearch into small & medium-sized businesses (with 250 or fewer employees). These companies’ confusion could lead to potential fines, restrictions on their ability to acquire and retain customers (B2B as well as B2C) – and leave them out of step with their competitors.

They should sign up for our free, monthly newsletter – a plain English guide to regulation and compliance. And maybe so should you. Here’s the link: http://eepurl.com/gqxzw5

Santander: So many trees, so little engagement

I’ve tried to read it 3 times and have given up – unenlightened – each time

“So are we all set with the Account Changes communication?”


“How many customers can we engage with through it?”

“Millions of ’em”

“How are we doing it?”

“A letter”

“All dense text?”

“Of course. We’re using the ‘Really Dull Letter’ template”

“Great work!”

Build it and they will come?


The Contact Centre Panel‘s 2020 Automotive Sector Customer Service Survey shows that the most popular communication channels are Phone, followed by face-to-face in Showrooms, with Webchat in third place. Automotive brands reported that Social Media channels were far less popular, with half the usage of Webchat.

Does this reflect a peculiarity of the car market, with traditional modes of communication proving to be stubbornly most popular with consumers? That could be the case, but as the automotive sector invests ever more resources into digital customer journeys and experiences the survey’s finding are surprising.

So perhaps the brands are missing a trick by not being sufficently joined up themselves. The same survey shows that while 90% of brands are offering Webchat, just 40% offer consumers the opportunity to communicate over WhatsApp.

February’s Monthly Compliance Newsletter

Compliance is good for you! In small doses. Read up on the compliance and regulation changes that matter to you & your business.

This month’s headlines:

Marketers’ nervousness about the ICO’s draft Direct Marketing Code of Practice grows 

(And is the 3rd party data market doomed?)

The UK’s freedom of data exchange with the EU should be fine after the Brexit transition period. Unless it’s not…

The Post Office‘s accessibility services’ billing failings result in a £175,000 Ofcom fine

Ovo fined £9m for customer billing and transparency errors

ASA slams Ryanair for ‘green-washing’ – and shows a confused approach to the F*** word

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