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Spam, spam, spam!

I’m very grateful to Gary Hancock for this week’s incredible number. Debonair and always well turned out, Gary has been receiving an avalanche of marketing emails from Charles Tyrwhitt – peaking at 3 in one day!
What could possibly be going on here? Presumably Tyrwhitt know something about #marketing and must be aware that anyone’s definition of spam kicks in when emails arrive with the frequency of meals.

Just possibly, in these most challenging times for a firm like Tyrwhitt, they are being rational. Perhaps they have found that potential customers of Gary’s profile respond to being swamped with marketing messages and will eventually make a purchase. if sufficiently inundated.

So, assuming that was the case, and you were in charge of Tyrwhitt’s marketing, what would YOU do?
Would you send the scores of emails and trash your brand, but gain the revenue?

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