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Personalisation + Ownership = +28% Conversion

For years, lots of us involved in customer management have been convinced that nurturing personalised connections and relationships between customers and contact centre agents will deliver customer experience, engagement and revenue benefits, providing a positive business case for a more personalised approach. Now here’s a real-world example:
A contact centre operation which works with partners to handle enquiries and complete sales on their behalf has seen a 28% increase in conversion rates over the past year.
This improvement has come from starting to ensure that outbound call-backs are made by the same agent that handled the initial inbound query. In parallel the contact centre has introduced outbound ‘preview dialling’, which allows agents to check notes and prepare before each call. These changes in process mean that the personal connection made initially can be built on to increase engagement and reciprocation, helping outbound conversion rates from 18% to 23% – which far outweighs the decrease in simplistic, crude agent efficiency.

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